Compliy v.1 Release Notes

A Quick Note

Compliy v.1 is our debut platform that includes core features such as team management, a regulatory repository, and user policy storage.

This version release was especially tough because we wanted to pack it with as many features as possible. We wanted to show off the full capabilities of our AI Regulatory Impact Assistant (ARIA). However, in the end we delayed our original release date to create an ideal onboarding experience for first-time users. Our team felt this was a better way to introduce your regulatory assistant ARIA, by having her guide you through each feature.

Below are the many changes that we’ve incorporated in Compliy’s first release.


Release Notes Compliy v.1


  • Onboarding tutorials for Team, Regulations & Policies: After finalizing v.1 our team realized that it would be helpful for users to have ARIA provide guides for using our platform.  Compliy has a simple UI/UX design, but it is still helpful to provide a walk-through of the features.  Now ARIA provides you with simple and easy to use instructions on the available features. This delayed v.1 release date, but we think it was worth the wait.


  • Improving ARIA’s text classification skills:  We took some extra time to train and improve ARIA’s classification skills for labels. We did this by incorporating vocabulary words not found in the regulatory document.  ARIA was then ready for integration into Regulations & Policies. Our data scientist and regulatory advisor will continue improving the quality of the labels, but this is a good start.


  • 2FA and enterprise-grade encryption:  For any B2B SaaS platform, 2FA is an important security requirement. In addition to SMS verification, we’ve included enterprise-grade encryption, unique data encryption keys, audit & transaction logging, and SSL certification.


Other Improvements

  • Updated signup and email displays with links to our website.


  • Simplified tutorial instructions: The tutorial was so interactive that it could be overwhelming for a new user. We eliminated unnecessary touch points and created a simplified walkthrough as opposed to a full simulation.


  • View all option added to Categories and Type list:  Sometimes you may want to see an unfiltered list of all documents available instead of hunting for them based on category and type.


  • Onboarding Tutorial Loop:  Onboarding tutorials can now be repeated in case the user missed something or wants a refresher. Some testers liked the tutorials so much they went back for a rerun.



  •  Regulations list: Regulations were originally sorted in alphabetical order. Following insights from our regulatory advisor we made the layout more user-friendly for compliance officers, listing the important acts first, followed by subsidiary legislation and regulations.


  • Pagination:  This feature was removed from the regulations list because we added a view all function.


  • Search function cache:  The previous search query in the regulations list is recoverable after viewing a document. There is nothing worse than viewing one search result and losing the search query when navigating back to the the full list of search results.


That’s all for now. We hope you enjoy using Compliy, and if you have any questions reach out to us here!




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