Asia Tech podcast features Compliy

From a Karaoke Bar to Financial Regulatory Compliance in Asia – Podcast

Why compliance? Why Vietnam? What do we hope to accomplish? These are common questions, but my answers may surprise you.  Earlier this year I was on Graham Brown’s Asia Tech Podcast which features tech entrepreneurs and their insights into the SEA startup scene. We discussed the difficulties faced by small compliance teams in Asia as they face increasing global and local regulatory demands, and why Compliy is such a critical platform to their success.  In addition, we explored my journey as a 19-year-old entrepreneur owning a karaoke bar and how I eventually moved to Vietnam to open a technology company. Finally, I shared my insights on the Vietnam startup scene, and the full potential of this growing market.

Listen to the full podcast to hear why I’m convinced that Vietnam is the place to build our AI development team, and what my dreams and hopes are for our future.  Check out the full podcast here.

Explore the full power of Compliy and signup for an account on our website, or click here to read more about our AI technology ARIA!


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