Compliy’s New Regulatory Expert

Summer is just around the corner and things are heating up for the Compliy team – If you missed our last update read our last post to get caught up.

Since last month we’ve had some great changes. We’ve added a new team member (below) and also have begun working with Vietnam’s own John Van Neumann Institute to recruit, support training and career development of Vietnam’s emerging data scientists.

Meet our new Legal and Compliance Advisor, Tim Ascot

Tim joined Compliy at the beginning of May shortly after arriving in Vietnam.

Tim has a progressive compliance background with more than 10 years’ experience advising on legal, regulatory compliance, and audit practices in the investment banking and finance sectors. He has previously worked in advisory roles for Deutsche Bank in Berlin, and WPP plc in London, and moved to Vietnam at the beginning of 2018 to pursue opportunities within RegTech.

Tim studied at Flinders University and holds a Bachelor of Laws, LL.B and Master of Laws, LL.M.  He is also a member of the International Compliance Association in London.

Tim will be Compliy’s resident regulatory compliance expert and work closely with our data team to break down the regulatory frameworks to train our AI modules for clear, efficient and useable outputs for our users.

Building Bridges with John Van Neuman Institute

Following a kick-off meeting with the key faculty members,  Compliy will work with JVNI to foster the development of applied AI and data science in Vietnam.  Compliy will recruit future Data team members from JVNI and provide new graduates and data scientists with both professional development and valuable experience in building applied AI solutions.  Compliy will also help JVNI graduates increase their exposure within the business community by working along side domain experts to better understand the multitude of challenges facing businesses today.

Futhermore, JVN Institute’s team of experts, researchers and analysts will be especially contributive towards Compliy’s development of NLP for regulatory documents and accessible AI for finance companies.  We are excited to collaborate with JVN Institute to support future education and professional opportunities for  the AI and business community in Vietnam. 

Check out one of the computational and finance labs at the JVN Insitute. The classrooms are high-tech facilities with all-star students and faculty!



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