Introducing Compliy 2.0

We’ve come a long way…

When Tony and I started Compliy we envisioned it as a platform to help monitor, manage and delegate the massive amounts of regulatory compliance work in financial institutions. Compliy was meant to be a project and task management platform for compliance officers.  As we soon learned, there were much larger issues that needed to be addressed in the regulatory workflow that couldn’t be solved with just task management.  Simply put, workflow management wasn’t enough for financial institutions drowning in the volume of regulatory compliance work. More importantly, we didn’t address the first step, but crucial part, in the process: understanding the regulation.

Introducing Compliy AI Interpretations, Compliy 2.0

Compliy has since evolved into an AI-powered regtech platform providing regulatory analysis, automated policy management, and compliance monitoring all in a centralized, easy-to-use web-based app. The platform delivers an automated, intelligent and easily accessible regulatory change management system for small to medium fund management companies while reducing costs by 30%.


  • AI-powered regulatory analysis: Suggested interpretations of local and key global regulations, annotations, and categorizations for quick understanding and identification of requirements and obligations.
  • Automated policy management: automatically map existing policies to relevant regulations in order to stay compliant when changes occur.
  • Action Plans and assignments: Build, manage, and monitor action plans for each regulatory change and assign them to internal teams/members.

Why Fund Management Companies?

While banks are at the epicenter of the convergence of technology and financial services (Open Bank APIs, blockchain remittance services, etc) smaller institutions often get left behind. Where do fund management companies stand in this redefining age of financial services? Sadly, if they don’t evolve many funds will get left out or behind unless they start integrating newer and deeper technologies such as AI. To prevent becoming a “fossil fund”, we aim to shape these leaders through our innovative platform.

What’s Next?

  • Website update and product redesign: That‘s right, we‘ve updated the website UI/UX with more awesome features to help you save time, reduce cost, and increase productivity.
  • Fundraising: AI is expensive so we’ve kicked off a new round of fundraising to accelerate the development of our AI algorithms and machine learning.
  • Recruiting: We are looking to add to our strong in-house development team. We are continuing to build a leading AI/ML dev team in Vietnam to the fuel the engine of growth for our success. We are recruiting a legal and compliance researcher aboard to build out our domain expertise.
  • Partnerships: In addition, our team is establishing several partnerships and collaborations with schools, institutes, and AI labs to grow the AI community in Vietnam.

More exciting updates to come soon!


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